Transforming Smiles From The Inside Out With Aesthetic Dentistry

We use our smiles a lot, to express satisfaction, joy, gratitude, and even empathy. There’s research suggesting that the act of smiling in itself can make you happy. But what if it’s your smile itself that’s preventing you from feeling joyful? The fact is, it’s relatively rare to be blessed with perfect teeth and the radiant grin that accompanies them. Many of us have tooth imperfections that we were either born with or that are the result of ageing, injury, poor dental hygiene, or illness. If your smile is impacted by teeth that are misaligned, discolored, chipped, or even missing, then aesthetic dentistry may have a solution for you.

Dentistry Artistry

Aesthetic Dentistry covers a wide variety of treatments, including braces, veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Deciding on the appropriate treatment for your teeth begins with the search for a dental clinic that is staffed by experienced dentists, orthodontists, and dental hygienists. You’ll want to ensure that they’re operating with the latest up-to-date equipment and utilizing the most advanced techniques. A reputable clinic with professional and trustworthy dentists should have the reviews to prove it. Ask around, browse internet reviews, and conduct in-person clinic inspections.

Smile Solutions

The type of aesthetic dental intervention you require will depend on the exact nature of your condition. For those seeking straighter teeth, the development of clear braces has been a game changer with the globally renowned Invisalign brand reigning in popularity. Invisalign is forecast to continue its lead as a top pick option in aesthetic dentistry in coming years. If only one, or some of your teeth, need correcting, veneers can make all the difference to your smile. Veneers, made of either composite or porcelain, are customized shells fitted on top of imperfect teeth. If the damage to a tooth is more extensive, then a prosthetic crown or cap covering the entire surface area of the tooth may be recommended. If two or more of your teeth are missing, you may need a bridge, a dental prosthesis that comprises of at least two crowns to replace the missing teeth. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, the configuration of treatment options is almost endless and tailored in response to your individual dental issues.

If you’re ready to uncover your best smile possible, schedule an appointment with Avenue Sourire today. The clinic’s multidisciplinary dental experts deliver a diverse range of treatment options targeting all areas of aesthetic and regular dentistry. Trust the team with your most precious asset and smile ahead with confidence and genuine happiness.