Why you might want to get legal representation

Legal representation will ensure that your rights are protected. Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure that your rights are being respected and you are fully informed of what is happening with your case.

Why you might want to get legal representation

1. You have to give a deposition

Every person involved in a case will most likely be required to go to the courthouse at some point and give a deposition. The court will give you papers with information about your deposition. This is where you testify and answer questions about what happened. Your memory of the accident could play an important role in your case if it goes to trial, so it is important that you are very clear on what happened and that your testimony reflects this.

2. You have to go to court

Most of us would prefer to keep our cases out of the court system and not have to deal with a judge. Unfortunately, the court is where it all comes down. A judge will hear your case and rule on whether or not you were acting within the law at the time of an accident. Going to trial will require you to call witnesses and present evidence. Resolving your case this way is usually very expensive and time-consuming.

3. Insurance companies are being difficult

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying claims. They may pressure you and ask you to sign documents that compromise your legal rights. It is important to stand your ground, but with a lawyer on your side, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal without having to settle for less than you deserve.

4. You want to recoup all of your damages

You want compensation for the injuries caused by the accident, as well as any other losses that resulted from it. But it is not always possible to give the maximum amount of compensation that the law allows.

5. Negotiating damages with the insurance company is too stressful

It can be immensely difficult to strike an agreeable compensation for your damages with the insurance company. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to lowball you or even deny any legal responsibility for your injuries.


Having a reliable lawyer by your side is important while you are going through the court process. It can be extremely stressful and your rights must be protected to get the compensation that you deserve. Visit stonesalluslaw.com to get a better understanding of the legal process and how it can help you.